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Video demo of the tool:

High quality ( 15.1mb, Tech Smith codec )

Low quality ( 5.1mb, Mpeg4 codec )

4:36 minutes long, right click on the link, save target as

Tech Smith codec here.

Download the ZIP archieve with all the content

Here is the archieve with the icon and all mel files.

Download the latest MEL file (no version yet)

 Here I will post the latest fixed MEL file for the script that you will just replace your current file with.
Because of the tool turned out more complicated than I thought still some bugs could have survived. I'm activly using the tool myself and will fix any bugs I will come across with time, as well as bugs that you users will find. I am open to any suggestions about functionality that could be added as well.

If you've encountered a bug or an error!:

 First of all you can always undo, preserving your work. If you'd like to help me fixing it, undo, then save the scene at this state, the state in which it will produce an error or a bug. Send me the scene if you can, the name of the error (with line number), the tool options used, and what exactly you were doing to get that bug/error. Thanks for your cooperation! :-)

Thanks for comming by, hope you enjoy the docs and the script! :-)

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Last updated: 04.09.05